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Tonight (well last night, considering we are now very early tomorrow ;-)), we went to see a show of Deadmau5 at the Metropolis in Montreal. It was my gift to Isabel for her very recent 22nd birthday! 😉 I have to say right away that the show was amazing! Seeing this guy with a giant mouse head spinning, or doing whatever he does in front of his consoles, his laptop and all the electronic equipment, was just hypnotizing!

The music was great, the ambiance was electrifying, the vibe was all over the place! Small « bemol »: God, are we old !!! When we entered the place, it felt like we were parents (which we are, but still…) entering a teen party! For a quick second, I felt like people were looking at us thinking « What are they doing here, aren’t they suppose to be asleep at that time of the night ? ».

And they were very right! But, hey, we are not that old and we enjoy electronic music! And I saw other people older then us, so I guess we still had the right to be there!

Jokes aside, it was wonderful! A great night out, just me and Isabel, with no kids! We don’t have much of these moments where we are just the two of us, not working or cleaning or whatever fulfilling things we are doing every day ! So I’m very thankful!

And after nearly two and half hours, it was time for us to get back to our really cool suburbia. We walked back to the UQAM underground parking were we got in our family car, packed with two kids car seats, and a lot of toys lying around everywhere. Nope, there really is no way we can pass for 19 again!

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  • JMorris

    LOL! Awesome! I’m not a huge electronica fan, but I can sooooo appreciate what you’re saying.

    It’s awesome to hear that you two are getting out and doing things together, just you two. You definitely need that! That you went to an electronica show is even cooler!

    And as far as those teens there are concerned… I’m sure there were more thinking… « Hey, cool! » than were thinking, « What are they doing here ». After all, it wasn’t THAT long ago we were in their demographic. 😉

  • marcan

    Thanks for the words or encouragements 🙂 And indeed, it’s very cool that we could do this! I hope we’ll have the opportunity to do this again soon. And who knows, maybe the next time, you will be able to join us because at that time, you will be in Quebec for a few weeks ?


  • JMorris

    LOL! Well, not so sure you could get me to a Deadmau5 show, but some good Rock’n’Roll… Definitely! 😉 And yes, I’m still coming up. Just had to get this move over with.

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