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Yesterday, Isabel and I went to the movies. My parents were very kind and offered to babysit Félix and Chloé. So we took this opportunity to get some « alone » time and went to see Millenium. My wife had read the 2 first books in the last month and, honestly, I really did not understand what all the fuss was about. She kept telling me it was « incredible », the best books she ever read, and on, and on… Best books I ever read were The Foundation books by Asimov. But can these books ever be compared to anything else ? 🙂

Anyway, so we went to see the movie as it was what she really wanted to see. Given that she is not into movies very much (read, « at all »!), it was awesome that she was actually excited about that one!

So the movie started,  after at least 20 minutes of previews. After 10 minutes, I was intrigued. After 15 minutes, I was completely lost. Swedish characters names are just not easy to remember. And there is like 50 characters! But with the help of my lovely wife, I was up to speed after 30 minutes… and completely hooked ! The intrigue is simply superb! The way the story develops itself and how all the pieces of the puzzle simply fall all in place progressively… AM-A-ZING!

Can’t wait for the next movie to get out, but let’s bet I’ll have read the 2 other books by then!

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