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The all new is live !

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After 2 weeks of hard work, transfering 202 photo galleries, 3503 photos and 76 posts, we are live! An all new site, fully powered by WordPress, a beautiful theme by Themocracy, a nice header done by INBOX designer Ana Mejia and a lot of assistance from INBOX SysAdmin and WordPress evangelist James Morris, gets a brand new life!

We started this site back in 2003, nearly 7 years ago! Along the years, the site was powered by XOOPS, then by ImpressCMS and now by WordPress. Why the change ? Well, our site is fundamentally a blog. And what is the number one tool for blog ? Without a doubt, it’s WordPress! So why think of anything else ?

So here we go, our new site is up and running and we will continue to publish blog posts and photos, for the pleasure of our family, our friends, our colleagues, and, what the hell, for the whole world !!

Oh and by the way, we are introducing a new feature on the site: The NotreVie Newsletter! This is a monthly newsletter, sent by email, containing the latest updates from the our site. Care to stay informed ? Sign up now!

So, until next time (probably tomorrow ;-))…


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  1. You have done a fantastic job my friend! It’s been a real treat to watch you discover what WordPress can do. Given our many years of working together on XOOPS, ImpressCMS and now as co-workers at INBOX, I know without a doubt that you were like a kid in a candy store once you started getting in to it. I was!

    Have fun discovering and making the most of your new site!

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