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A 3 days cruise on Carnival Imagination

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Since we are in Florida, we decided, at the last minute, to drive to Miami and take a 3 days cruise on Carnival Imagination. Jean-Pierre, aka « Pa Pa Pa » as Chloe would say, offered to take care of the kids while we were on the cruise. Yes ! Make no mistake, we love our children, but 3 days without them once in a while is, well, shall we say, exquisite ?

So we left on Friday morning to drive down to Miami. Deadmau5 playing out loud, our Starbucks $10- each-cafe-latte with us, cruising to Miami baby !

We got there around 1PM and were on board shortly after. We discovered with pleasure our 10 X 12 cabin with no window. This is just perfect! No means to know whether it’s day or night, so we would be able to sleep whenever we want! After all, we have been deprived of sleep for the last 5 years… 😉

But we did not slept right away. We went on the deck, ordered 2 cocktails, looked at pool, the mini-golf court, the waterworks, the music, the people! Excellent!

Then we went back to the cabin for an afternoon nap!

The whole 3 days were indeed a lot of fun, but mostly a lot of relaxing. Last time we were alone without 1000 things to do every minute, it was 2 years ago for our Honeymoon. After the highly rock ‘n roll 2009, being here together alone, to relax and have fun was simply a blessing!

Even if 3 days passed like a flash, we found pleny of time to read, to sleep, to eat, to check out a few shows, and even to give a $10 donation to the Casino ;-).

It was a great week-end! When are we doing this again ?


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