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I received an email this morning announcing Plaxo for iPhone now with Address Book Sync for All Plaxo Members. Cool! I’ve been a member of Plaxo for many years, but I never really used it much. It’s yet another social network / contact info service. But an iPhone app could definitely be useful and surely worth a shot.

So I installed it on my phone. First time I launch it, I get this screen:

Yes, I’m syncing my iPhone with my Google App account. All my Google contacts are synced on my iPhone. This is very important for me. But, it seems that if I want to use Plaxo on my iPhone, I need to disable the syncing with Google… And I don’t want to do that.

However, looking at Plaxo site, their Premium subscription seems to offer syncing with Google. So, technically, my Plaxo contacts could keep in sync with my Google Contacts, and, with the Plaxo iPhone app, my iPhone contacts could be synced with my Plaxo contacts. It could work.

Anyone has tried that ? How are you syncing your contacts with different services ?

Oh, and in conclusion, if Plaxo could also sync with 37signals Highrise contacts, that would definitely be a killer feature !

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