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A few weeks ago, I started to use HootSuite. A very nice web tool to manage your social media « life ». Within a single interface, you can connect to your different Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare accounts. Before, I was using TweetDeck. I liked it a lot… But it was an Adobe Air application. Cute and everything. But desktop application… I don’t like desktop application. I live on the web, so everything I use needs to be on the web! HootSuite meets all my needs AND is a service on the web :-). However, since yesterday, I started to see very old tweets on my HootSuitefor iPhone. Very weird… Even Tweets from last year ! But only from one of my friends, no one else… See screenshot here:



Old tweets on HootSuite

And this only happens on the iPhone app. On HootSuite web site directly, I see no problem. So, is this a problem from HootSuite, from their iĥone app, or is this something wrong with this friend of mine 😉 ?

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