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Ok, I know I’m a native french-canadian. I live in french, I work in english. Like so many people in Montreal, I  constantly live a two-language-life and sometimes, well, I get lost in translation ;-). I know that our official family Web site, NotreVie.ca is in french, and now this blog is in english. So I hear you say: « Damn, it’s confusing! » And you would be right! But this is my reality, my life.

So, at home, I speak french with my wife and kids. Except when the love of my life and I need to discuss important matters which are not to be heard by our little ones 😉 then we speak in english. Oh, and I also speak english at home very often, as I have an office upstairs where I discuss with my customers, partners, suppliers, friends, etc, mostly in english. Man, this is getting really complicated!

Anyway, this is just a quicky post to introduce this attempt at having a real blog. And you’ll see posts in english, in french, maybe both at the same time! So I’ll be blogging, perhaps my wife will also, and who knows, maybe my son and daughter one day. Altought, I’ll leave them time to learn to write first… But thinking of it, it might be a good thing that Félix is only 4 and a half and does not know how to write or else, believe me, you would be reading pages and pages and more pages, all the time! He surely have not inherited from any of my introverted personality!

So, until next time…

Web developer with strong expertise on the LAMP architecture. Founder of INBOX International (http://inboxinternational.com), a Montreal based company specializing in web development based on open source technologies.

As one of the initiator of the ImpressCMS open source project (http://www.impresscms.org), and as the founder of The SmartFactory (http://smartfactory.ca), I and my organisation have a very strong knowledge of the ImpressCMS and XOOPS architecture and can build, expand, customize anything related to these open source content management systems.

Finally, I am an happily father of a 3 years old boy, a little baby girl and I’m a lovingly husband of a marvelous wife !

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  • Your wife!

    Gee wizz! you really need a projet! Super, let’s do this. So what’s my role in this… Ok I guess I should comment the above.

    Us francophone have a funny accent. You have to hear us talk to understand but I guess this apllies to any culture speeking a language other then the maiden one. So please have fun with our spelling or wording mistakes…we make fun of it as well.

    Anyway, enjoy doing this my love but be sure to keep the bad for yourself!!! LOL

  • marcan

    Your role in this ? Well, it will be to prepare the dinner, no ? LOL I’m joking my love. You know that I’m soooo not like that!

    Anyway, I’ll give you access soon, so you will also be able to post articles here (which we geeks call « blog posts »). So whenever, you feel angry at me, you’ll be able to post it here! Oh but there is Facebook for this also, right ? Right, but it’s not as cool a blogging platform as this 🙂

    Anyway, now I need a ciggy. Only 3 days before I stop 😉

    See ya in 3 foot steps (literally ;-))

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