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As I explained recently, I love HootSuite :-). It makes my life easier and it has almost all the features I need to manage my social accounts properly. One of the great things about HootSuite is that it has a very good iPhone app. It made me uninstall the TweetDeck app immediately ;-). Unfortunately, I had a problem that I found the solution for today. Hootsuite wouldn’t let me add the INBOX International Facebook page. I have it when I use HootSuite on the web, but not on my iPhone. I went to Settings > Add Social Network, selected Facebook, inputed my username and password, but I was never presented the option to add one of the Facebook pages I manage. I could only see my personal Facebook account. I took a few seconds to google the problem this morning, and I quickly found the answer:

After importing your HootSuite account, you cannot add a Facebook Page. Hence, when you go to the Settings screen, and select social networks, the only kind of Facebook account you can add are personal profiles.

So, when I installed the HootSuite iPhone app and imported my HootSuite account, I should have added the INBOX International Facebook page on HootSuite.com. Hence, it didn’t get imported when installing the iPhone app. The quick solution: Settings > Launch Welcome Wizard. Follow the instructions, and ALL your accounts currently available on your hootsuite.com account will be imported. Case solved!

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